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What is the lowest price you would accept to show your breasts?
There was an earlier question asking if you would expose for $100. The response appears positive. What is the lowest dollar value you would accept to show your breasts to someone?
$1.99 but I'm a guy.
Why is it taboo to show your breasts?
I'm not just asking because i would like to see more, i just wanna know. Once you've seen em its not really that shocking although its kinda cool to see em again. Why should they hide something so cool, is it because it makes em cooler.
Unlike cultures in Africa and elsewhere, here, breasts are considered sexual and desirable to most men. They are also very sensitive erogenous zones for most women. If we showed them all the time, at first guys would be drooling all over us but eventually they would lose their mystique and desirability. So yes, it's because it makes them cooler.
How to show off your breasts and what so great?
I have 36D sized breasts. But i don't know how to show them off without becoming a whore or something. i want guys to notice them, but not think i'm easy and that i like nasty guys.
What else i wanna know is why there so awesome and why they need to be so big??
When they're that big, guys are gonna notice whatever you wear. You seriously can wear anything and they'll look. If you have too much cleavage, you look like a whore. I'm friends with a girl who is a large C and she shows them off. It's definitely very sluttish. She looks easy. Don't do that.
What does it mean if you have veins that show on your breasts ?
i have white skin...and the veins show on my breasts and even through my nipples...
anything bad?
It means you have blood pumping through your body. You'd be in trouble if you didn't! There's no need to worry about it =)
Do the veins on your breasts show more when you're PMSing?
Right before my period, my breasts swell and are sore. This time I noticed that the veins are more visible than before. I'm not pregnant, so that would not be an option. Does this ever happen to you?
I think breast veins and stretch marks on the breasts are very sexy. Trust me, it is very sexy.
Would any of you like to show me your breasts?
I can promise to do something (within reason) to earn them or whatever. It's Monday. I have to work twelve hours tomorrow, and I'm hoping for a little generosity from a stranger here.

perv get a life
How do you show your breasts to that special some one without it leading to sex?
My boyfriend wants to see my breasts and said okay but my real problem is finding a place to show them to him. I also dont want it to lead to sex. Where can I find a place to show him my breasts and how do I make sure it doesn't lead to sex?
just go into the bathroom or the bedroom or somewhere where there isnt no one. tell ur bf u will show him ur breasts but he has to promise not to have sex with you because u dont watn to. if he respects u he will say alright. just be open and honest and everything will work out!!
How do you show a man your breasts?
I would like a sexy way to do this! Please help me!
dont show a guy
show me ;]
In general, when do stretch marks show up on your breasts during pregnancy?
i'm 9 weeks pregnant, my breasts are swollen, but not too much bigger at this point. i was just wondering when do stretch marks appear on the breasts for most women. also, do most women even get them on their breasts at all?
i did. and it sucks! my boobs exploded two sizes bigger so i got a whole little army of stretch marks. they appeared around the third month. i hate them lol. but after rubbing some cream on them they seem to be less noticeable. i wish we could be pregnant and not have these scary scars lol. well good luck and maybe you wont even get them at all!

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