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Is my little sister the biggest daddys girl or what?
My Dad has been deployed in the Army off and on for the last five years. My lil sister who is seven usually wears pajamas at night but when Daddy is home on leave she wears a short nightgown and nicer panties. I know this sounds creepy. This is the creepy part. She usually get's spankings over Mom's lap but the other night she was bad and wanted Daddy to put her over his lap! Is this strange?
Strange? No Inapprorpriate? Yes!

Little girls are often "in love" with their fathers, thats why you hear stories of young girls being resentful of their mothers (this usually occurs when they are 2-3 years old), and its why girls when they grow up seek out men who share similiar physical and personal charistics that their fathers do.

Girls often innocently test their sexuality out on their fathers. I'm not saying they try to have sex or think about having sex, but they like to pretend how to flirt with a "safe" person so that they can learn these skills when they become older. I think thats why she is wearing more revealing clothing.

The other aspect you have to consider is he's not around on a consistent basis, so she wants his attention. She feels if she wears short clothing that he'll notice her, or that if she acts up, he'll punish her which in her mind gives her the attention (even if its negative).
Is this not good for how my Mom and dad do it?
I am in fifth grade. My teacher ask us to tell about our family. She want us to say what happen when we are bad. I told the class that when my sister and i are not good girls. Mommy and sometime daddy will lift our skirts and put us over the lap for spankings. A few classmates laugh at me for saying that. Why is that funny that my pantys show for spankings?
My teacher just said it old fashion but it is ok.
Is this not normal or something?
maybe some of the guyren are immature
yea it is old fashioned...
Moms: Do you spank your guy on their birthday?
This question is for mothers who adminster spankings to their guy on their birthday. Do you have them lay over your lap and if yes, what chair do you sit on? Do you use your open hand, a paddle, or something else? Do you adminster the spankings over their fully clothed bottom, in underwear, bare bottom, or diapered bottom (if still in diapers)? In your opinion, what would be the best way to give birthday spankings to your guy?
Only when they are small guyren and you lay then across your lap and "play" spank them fully clothed. It is NOT a punishment but done in fun ... on spank for each year!!!
Peace, Love & Happiness
Husband play spanks on the panties?
I have two little girls which I asked a question earlier about. Here is a dilemma that I have came up on?
My girls usually (always wear) wear dresses and at night nightgowns. When naughty they do get spankings over their panties.
My dilemma is that my girls seem to think it is fun when Daddy puts them over his lap for a playful spanking on the panties. Should my husband be doing this?
well check if your husband is getting the same enjoyment as the girls when spanking them if not then its fine if he is then well hes pretty fked up
My guy has cross the line and its time for a spanking....?
My 10 year old daughter really crossed the line today when she did something i will not repeat. It was very disrescpetful. She has recived over the lap spankings before but i really want to get acroos that she was crossed the line. What should i beat her with? How many of the swats do i do?
Hi Spanko fetish person.

Your questions are a classic example of a person with a spanking fetish..

What should I use?
How many swats?

Ban Spanking Now.. before the world is full of spanking fetish people
Do your guys willingly accept spankings as their punishment?
I heard that some guys will willingly get over their parents laps, and accept their spankings because they know they deserve them. Is this true?

Most guys I've seen/heard of getting spanked kick and scream and have to be forced down in order for the parent to carry it out.

I can honestly say that when I was a guy I never took a spanking willingly.

How many guys would stand still, allow their parents to bare their bottom, put them over their lap, and smack them?
I did, some of them. My mom was a very calm person. When I got into trouble she would talk to and question me very quietly and calmly. Even while leading me by the hand to their bedroom and I knew what was going to happen when we headed there. Once there I would find myself, as you describe, bare, over her lap and being spanked without any objection what so ever. She always convinced me I needed punished and to agree to be. Even though she kept a brush on her dresser for just such occasions.

Dad on the other hand was different. I would run and hide if I thought he was going to spank me. He yelled and screamed and would chase after me with a switch...lol I didn't want any of that, scared the hell outta me.

Maybe I was only half weird????
My nephews both find it fun to watch my daughters get spankings?
My nephews who are 12 and 14 stay with my family often. They both seem to go out of their ways to see when my twin daughters (Seven) get spankings. This recently happened at a wedding we attended. I took my daughter back to our room and my nephew instead of staying out of the room, peeking around the corner to see his cousin over my lap with her dress raised. I know he is only seeing the panties of seven year olds but it is seems juvenile or creepy? Should I be concerned??
Have the nephews ever been spanked? That might have somehing to do with it. Some guyren are curious.

However, it does sound a bit creepy. I would suggest locking the door next time you do it. You might want to bring up your concerns to the parents.
Do girls get punished different then boys?
I am past the age when punishments are spankings over Daddy's lap but my little sister still get's them. My cousins are boys and they never got spankings but belt whippins. My Aunt told us that little girls get thier dresses raised for hand spanks on the panties. Is this true or is this just what my Daddy does?
not in my house anyway. once when my nephew was staying round, he got into trouble with my daughter. they were both put over my lap, they both had their trousers pulled down, and they both got an equal amount of spanks. and they were both equally sorry.
- Sarah
Is my cousin the biggest Daddies girl?
I can't beleive how big a Daddies girl my lil cousin is or is she? Britney is seven now and always holding my uncles hand when they go places which I did when i was little too. She is super shy but not at night when she is in her undershirt and panty that she sleeps and plays in. What I didn't do was when I was that age and had got caught being bad was I didn't go choose to lay over Dad's lap instead of Mom's. Especially if I had a plain jane panty like Britney wears. Ahhh! I stop getting over the lap spankings about that age too.
Is she a Daddies girl are what for getting spankings like this?
Generally guys that age don't know any other language than pure love and affection, maybe dad is very loving person. Some older people look at this interaction differently but she will grow out of it, nothing wrong with a pure and good bond with dad, I find it more common boys more comfortable with moms and girls with dads, it balances the personality, but I see where you are coming from.
How many agree physical punishment on a guy is ok?
Now I know there is a HUUUUGE gap between a couple of spankings over the lap or you know, one smack with the belt on the **** for doing something COMPLETELY out of line. But I'm curious to see how many agree with me because as a guy I was punished with the belt or spankings or slaps when I did something wrong, and I grew up with much more respect to my teachers and adults than my peers or these guys growing up now.
in my opinion, there are very few instances that require physical punishment. if your guy hits another hcild and you smack him while saying 'no Hitting!" What did you just tell him? That is not a good moment.

But if your guy reaches on the stove, runs into the street, or is lighting things on fire, that is an entirely different matter. the very few times i have ever spanked my son were in these situations. A time out doesn't do it for those things. the punishment needs to be swift and then explained. Sitting my guy in the corner after he runs into a busy parking lot is just confusing. A quick spank on the butt followed by "Never, ever run into the street!: is much more concrete to a small guy.

*****I have NEVER left a mark on my guy, in the 3 occasions i have ever felt the need to spank him. Discpline is not abuse*****

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