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Where can I find non-piercing nipple jewelry to keep the nipples erect and provide stimulation?
I have seen online before nipple jewelry that is just a small metal ring that fits snug around the nipple to keep it erect without piercing it. Anyone know any good sites to find these at? Not very interested in dangling rings or chains, just something simple. Thanks!
here's a site………
they all come from the same site or you can go the cheap way and but some clothes pins but they might hurt a bit
Does anyone know what causes one nipple to be erect while the other isn't?
My sister is 17 and she is already developed but I've noticed that sometimes only one nipple is erect. Is that like a medical condition? Breast cancer runs in my family, I don't know if that is related.
Haha, a nipple being erect isn't a medical condition. It's simply a matter of how turned on she is, (if she is at all) or if it's cold or not. If one nipple is cold, and the other isn't, it causes the cold nipple to be erect, and the other one to, well, not be. However, if you truly are worried that it could be cancer related, I would talk to your mother about it, which I highly recommend anyway for matters such as this for when you get older. =]]
Is it possible to have one nipple more erect than the other?
When my nipples become erect ive noticed my right nipple is a lot more harder than my left, during stimulation i feel i get more pleasure when my girlfriend tweeks the right nipple... is this normal?
Sure is. Perfectly normal.
Male erect nipple with a white tip?
I am a 47 year old healthy athletic male and I have one nipple that stays erect with a white tip is this common and will the tip change back to the original color?
i agree with the first answer but i say it in a kind way
Are you a male that has only one nipple that gets erect by itself?
Weird question. I know. But I don't want to feel alone in this. One of my nipples is very deflated while the other is normal. And when they become erect, the normal sticks out a bit like it should but the other one doesn't protrude or even get hard at all. You would really have to work at that nipple to make it do anything.
This is a very odd subject but I'm not being a pervert. I'm very serious about this. It's so strange to me and this was the only way I could explain it. Am I alone on this one? I'm a tall, thin male: 5'11" 140lbs, if that helps.
Is it illegal to have erect nipple in Japan?
I heard victoria beckham say it on tv... it made me laugh so hard, i have to know if its true.
Japan No, Singapore Yes.
My friend when she gets wet or cold she has only one nipple getting erect is this normal or should it be both?
I get both going erect, but she has only one is this a problem?
My friend has errect nipples, but they only happen once at a time. He walks round rubbing them because they cause discomfort. But he's weird so idk.
If you get your nipple piercing, will the nipple always stay erect as long as the piercing is in?
How noticeable is the difference?
Your nipple will become bigger and be erect all the time. I have my nipples pierced with a 14 gauge. It doesn't matter how small the gauge is, it will show through tight clothes. Next question, if you are going to get a nipple piercing, why hide it?
Erect nipple for days on end?
One of my nipples has been hard almost constantly for the last few days and it is pretty sore. The other one is normal. What could this be?
have you recently had sex? if you have, you may be pregnant. they get swollen and hard at that time. they may also be impacted glands.

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